All of our storage units are quick and easy to move into with drive-up, ground level access. On the outside, the units are protected with a weather-sealed, roll-up door. Inside, they are built with high, insulated ceilings that slope to 12.5 feet giving you plenty of room to store your things. Plus, for extra protection, the floors are guarded with moisture barriers to help protect your belongings.

To further protect your things, we also employ security measures. Our facility is completely fenced in with controlled gated access along with CCTV video cameras recording all activity for your peace of mind.

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5 x 10 (50 sq ft)

Similar In size to a walk-in closet.
Can store the contents of about one room, such as a couch, chair, chest of drawers or dresser, mattress set, plus small items & boxes. Also great for outdoor furniture, lawn equipment, etc.

10 x 10 (100 sq ft)

Similar in size to an average sized bedroom.
Can hold furniture from about three rooms, such as bedroom sets, dressers, small appliances, dining room sets, etc.

10 x 15 (150 sq ft)

Similar in size to a large bedroom.
Can store the contents of four rooms, such as bedroom furniture, couches, dining room sets, refrigerator, washer and dryer, etc.

10 x 20 (200 sq ft)

Similar in size to a one car garage.
Can store the contents of a three or four bedroom home with appliances. Perfect for a car plus some small boxes, or household furnishings, etc.

10 x 25 (250 sq ft)

Similar in size to an extra large garage.
Can store the contents of a five bedroom house, with major appliances, patio furniture, office equipment, car, truck, etc.

Open (~ sq ft)

Outside parking space.
Great for RV’s, trailers, boats, or similar things where weather protection is not a concern.